Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Retainers: Pajamas for your teeth

When treatment with braces or Invisalign comes to an end and retainers are given this is the start of the most important part of treatment, the retention phase.  The importance of good retainer wear cannot be underestimated.  Only you can keep your teeth straight by wearing your retainers on a regular basis. Initially we ask that you wear your retainers day and night for about two to three weeks.  After that point consistent, nightly retainer wear is the best way to ensure your smile will look as beautiful as the day your braces came off for years to come.  Think of your retainers as pajamas for your teeth 😊

Even after your formal retention period has ended it is still very important to continue wearing your retainer even if only a few nights a week.  If they ever start to feel tight that’s a sign you may need to wear them more often.  As with all aspects of the body, some natural changes to your bite will occur in the years to come.  Continued retainer wear is the best insurance policy for keeping your teeth straight!